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Meet The Team

Real Estate Administration is the strategic nexus for the University of Utah's real property assets, facilitating growth, stewardship, and the achievement of the University’s vision through innovative real estate and property management services.


John P. Creer

Chief Real Estate Officer

Abby Reiser

Special Projects Administrator

Ivanna Taylor

Director, Real Estate Transactions

Isabeau Tavo

Associate Director, Real Estate Development

Ali McKelvy

Campus Landscape Architect

Troy Robbs

Associate Director, Southern Operations

Spencer Ji

Accounting Manager

Bonnie Wiese

Executive Assistant to the Chief

Justin Morgan

Real Estate Administrative Manager

Russ Dilworth

Director, Real Estate Development

Andrew King

Director, Campus Planning

Charles Shepherd

Cultural Resources Manager

Andy Hayford

Associate Director, Northern Operations

Codie Andrade


Danny Wall

Executive Director of Real Estate

Vicki Mason

Director, Finance & Accounting

David Bridges

Senior Real Estate Financial Analyst

John Close

Senior Planner

Ken Minear

Construction Manager

Hillary Waldron

Operations Administrative Manager

Building Services

Jeff Curtis

Program Administrator

Amanda Kirk

Project Administrator

Jeremy Ferguson

Senior Facility Manager - Mountainside

Forrest Mason

Facility Manager- Midvalley Complex

Thomas Gordon

Facility Manager- Downtown

Matthew Govin

Facility Manager- Central Park

Trevor Llewellyn

Facility Coordinator - Mountainside

William Monroe

Senior Building Engineer

Lauri Barber

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist (295 Chipeta)

Franny Gleave

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist (303 Chipeta)

Daniela Freitez

Administrative Assistant

Daniela Freitez

Administrative Assistant

Building Operations

Chris Van Beuge

Chief Engineer - Southern Team

Stephen Campbell

Lead Building Engineer - Northern Team

James Lamb

Building Engineer - Central Park

Max March

Building Engineer - Central Park

Gustavo Sumano

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Chase Darr

Building Engineer - Downtown

Charles Schmidt

Chief Engineer - Northern Team

Jared Fosmo

Building Engineer - Midvalley Complex

Rodrigo Castro

Building Engineer - Central Park

Zach Martinez

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Logan Hansen

Building Engineer - Mountainside

David Eggett

Project Manager

Jason Harris

Lead Building Engineer - Southern Team

Welly Lu

Building Engineer - Midvalley Complex

Nick Goates

Building Engineer - Central Park

Jason Sanborn

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Justin Dunleavy

Building Engineer - Downtown