Meet The Team

Our Operations Team serves the University of Utah community by providing property management services, building maintenance, and management of small construction projects primarily within properties owned by the University of Utah Research Foundation as well as for multi-tenanted properties.


John Creer

Chief Real Estate Officer

Bonnie Wiese

Executive Assistant

Zac Wright

Senior Director of Real Estate

Open Position

Director of Real Estate Transactions

Joel Sim

Director of Operations

Vicki Mason

Director of Finance & Accounting

Spencer Ji

Accounting Manager

Kimberly Wright

Administrative Manager

Ken Minear

Construction Manager

Andy Hayford

Associate Director- Northern Operations

Troy Robbs

Associate Director- Southern Operations

Hillary Waldron

Administrative Manager

Codie Hamilton


Building Services

Jeff Curtis

Program Administrator

Amanda Kirk

Project Administrator

Jeremy Ferguson

Senior Facility Manager - Mountainside

Forrest Mason

Facility Manager- Midvalley

Thomas Gordon

Facility Manager- Downtown

Matthew Govin

Facility Manager- Central Park

Open Position

Facility Manager- Mountainside

William Monroe

Senior Building Engineer

Lauri Barber

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Building Operations

Chris Van Beuge

Chief Engineer- Southern Team

Nathan Rooney

Chief Engineer- Northern Team

Jason Harris

Lead Building Engineer- Southern Team

Open Position

Lead Building Engineer- Northern Team

Stephen Campbell

Building Engineer - Downtown

Jared Fosmo

Building Engineer - Midvalley Complex

James Lamb

Building Engineer - Central Park

Rodrigo Castro

Building Engineer- Central Park

Justin Dunleavy

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Jason Sanborn

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Zach Martinez

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Chase Darr

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Kip Butler

Building Engineer - Mountainside

Welly Lu

Building Engineer- Southern Team

Open Position

Building Engineer - Central Park