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Research Park Strategic Vision Plan 2021

Our Vision for the Future

A diverse, compact, and amenity-rich walkable district next to a world-class university where emerging and established Salt Lake City innovators can live, work, and collaborate on some of the most critical issues we face now and in the future.


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Why A Strategic Vision Plan? Why Now?

Established in 1968, UURP has provided a unique environment for entrepreneurial growth, job creation, and in-state productivity for decades. As UURP marks its 50th anniversary, it’s time for a new vision.

Salt Lake City’s economy
is growing rapidly
Population Growth Icon
Population: 1,218,800


over the last 5 years. As compared to 5% nationally

Job Growth Icon
Job Growth: 790,000

16.1% GROWTH

over the last 5 years. As compared to 8.5% nationally

Median Income Icon
Median Income: $67,900

18% higher

than national median As compared to 60% nationally

Regional Education Icon
Regional Education:


attended college

Salt Lake City competitive industry
clusters align well with strengths
of the University
Information Technology Icon
Information Technology

School of Computing

Bio Life Sciences Icon
Health, Bio, Life Sciences

College of Pharmacy
Department of Biomedical Engineering
College of Health


College of Education

Finance Icon

School of Business

University of
Utah Start Ups

Therapeutics & Pharmaceuticals: 30
Medical Devices: 22
Diagnostics: 14
Software: 10

Biotechnology: 7
Energy and Environment: 6
Hardware, Circuits, Sensors: 6
Healthcare IT: 6

Our Core Values

The future UURP will embody the following core values as we work towards a shared vision for the future of Research Park and the larger University.

core value icon 1

Establish a vibrant and interdisciplinary mixed-use environment

core value icon 2

Facilitate partnerships that will enable a dynamic innovation ecosystem

core value icon 3

Promote a compact and human-scale environment

core value icon 4

Lead with sustainable and resilient development and design strategies

core value icon 5

Prioritize multi-modal circulation to and through the campus

core value icon 6

Foster intentional University connections and build neighborhood relationships

Phased Infrastructure and Development Strategy

The framework includes priority actions designed to yield the highest quality sustainable urban development that delivers a unique identity, foster creativity, encourages cross-pollination among innovators and creates a strong sense of place.


Improved intersection at Wakara Way and Chipeta Drive

Small mobility hub

Updating segment of Colorow in preperation for daylit spring

Private driveway redesigned / repaved for daylit spring and new open space

Move access road to Fort Douglas Cemetery to Tabby Ln.

TRAX Black Line: Airport to U

Large Main Campus Mobility Hub

South Davis BRT; Foothill BRT

Red Butte Creek Interaction Area

New pedestrian focused street to Red Butte Creek

Campus Circuit Redesign of Chipeta Way

The Arapeen Connector

Large UURP Mobility Hub

Social Spine plaza and cross streets

Green Spine trail and park from Wakara and Chipeta

Small mobility hub

New Street with ROW width for future LRT

New transit-only access poiny into UURP

Designated Transit and HOV-only lane on Foothill. New Foothill line, routes 9,13,17,21

East Village new streets

LRT Extension into UURP

Green Spine connection over RBC

Ped Street to Red Butte Creek

Wakara Way Redesign

Colorow Road Green Street

Red Butte Creek Trail Phase 1

Maker's District New Streets

Green Spine Park and Trail Connection to Matheson Preserve and This Is The Place

Pollack Road Redesign Connection into Fort Douglas

Red Butte Creek Trail Phase 2

Maker's Distrct Park

New Residential Streets Connection to Matheson Preserve