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Transportation Choices

Whether you are commuting to work or making a trip in the middle of the day, you have choices. Explore your options for carpooling, vanpooling, taking UTA transit, riding shuttles, bicycling, scooting, and walking.


Your commute: Your transportation choice starts with traveling from your home to Research Park. You have options to carpool, ride transit, bicycle, use shared mobility services, or even walk.

First and last mile: The “first and last mile” refers to the first and last bit of your trip when you ride public transit – both getting to your stop or station and to your destination after the bus or train drops you off. In Research Park, the University of Utah shuttle can take you from your bus stop to TRAX station to your destination. See this map for the best walking and bicycle routes. Meanwhile, for those riding bikes, Research Park organizations and buildings offer bike storage and showers.

Trips during the day: When you have somewhere to go during the day, you also have choices. These destinations are within walking distance – see this map for the best routes. The University of Utah shuttle connects Research Park to the most popular daytime destinations of the U of U Main Campus and Medical Center. You also have choices to remain in Research Park for lunch and walk to these food options.

Options for visitors: Research Park welcomes visitors of all kinds – museum and garden visitors, deliveries, colleagues, students, and patients. As a visitor to Research Park, you also have choices – to ride the University shuttle or UTA bus, ride your bike, or walk to, from, and around the park.