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The Research Park Transportation Working Group is a public-private committee addressing transportation-related issues affecting the Research Park community. The group is made up of representatives of Research Park companies and organizations, the University of Utah, and other stakeholders such as the Utah Department of Transportation and Salt Lake City.

The group emerged in 2018 from discussions of transportation challenges Research Park. These conversations evolved into an ongoing Transportation Working Group for Research Park that now meets every two months.

Issues raised have included walking and bicycling safety, access to public transit, parking, carpooling, and transportation implications for Research Park’s community growth.

The group has begun defining a vison and objectives, and started initiatives focused on making information easier to find. These include a transportation website for Research Park as well as a community outreach strategy.

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Highlighted organizations and individuals

Highlight: ARUP implements transportation demand management solutions

ARUP Laboratories, one of Research Park’s largest employers, provides an example of how organizations can implement a range of transportation demand management (TDM) programs – many of them relatively simple and low-cost.

ARUP faces the same challenges as all Research Park organizations in getting its employees to work every day. The company also acknowledges how the Research Park community all plays a part in mitigating transportation impacts like traffic congestion and air quality. ARUP encourages its workforce to utilize alternative forms of transportation to improve air quality and decrease traffic volume within Research Park.

ARUP’s programs include:

Carpool parking spaces: ARUP reserves several carpool parking spots for its employees to use when they carpool to work. Employees who carpool obtain a pass from security and park in one of the spaces, located in a prime location in front of the company’s main Chipeta Way building.

Vanpooling: ARUP coordinates and subsidizes vanpools through UTA’s vanpool program. For example, a group of commuters from the Layton area, in Davis County, approached ARUP to put together a vanpool; now a 12-passenger UTA vanpool travels every day from Layton to ARUP.

Bike lockers: ARUP installed several bike lockers for employees to use on a first-come, first-served basis. The lockers make it safe and convenient to store bicycles when employees ride them to work.

Ride sharing: ARUP hosts carpool lists on its intranet that allow employees to connect and plan carpooling schedules based on where they live.

Parking demand management: ARUP awards four weekly prizes drawn randomly from a list of employees who choose to park in lots located farther from the company’s main building to limit bottleneck traffic during rush hours.

UTA transit passes: ARUP offers employees monthly UTA discount passes that are subsidized by the company at 50 percent of the cost.

Commuter Benefit Arrangement: Several ARUP employees participate in the company’s Commuter Benefit Arrangement (FSA) plan. This allows employees to use pre-tax earnings from their paycheck to pay for work-related mass transit and parking expenses.

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