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Shared mobility refers to transportation services and resources that are shared among users, either concurrently or one after another. Here, we are specifically referring to the emerging trend of different types of vehicles being available for rent, share, hire, or other use – especially enabled by technology such as smartphone applications.

At Research Park, shared mobility services can help you get around or to adjacent areas. Shared mobility can also provide a ride home in a pinch when a private vehicle is not available.

Shared mobility resources at Research Park include:

  • Electric scooters and bikes: Lime and Bird have come to Research Park! Each company deploys its e-scooters at the Heart of the Park community hub – find them there or throughout the Park. Sign up for the apps for Lime and Bird.
    Lime Website Bird Website
  • Transportation Network Companies: Lyft and Uber offer rides for hire via smartphone apps.
    Lyft Website Uber Website
  • University-owned vehicle fleets: University students, faculty, and staff are permitted to use a University fleet vehicle for University business provided they are at least 18 years of age, possess a valid driver’s license (which must be presented at time of rental), viewed the Defensive Driving video, and not had more than two accidents within the last 12 months.