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You have a kit of tools to help you create your optimal commute and get to your destinations throughout the day. Explore the tools below to find the resources you need and connect with others in Research Park.

University interactive map

Explore the University of Utah interactive campus map to find the transportation resources that make sense for your trip to, from, or around Research Park. The map includes bus and shuttle stops, real-time shuttle tracking, standard and secure bike parking, and parking options.

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Travelwise trip planner, tracker and ride share tool

Research Park is partnering with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to offer tools for you to understand your range of options for any given trip.

Use the route finder below to make informed travel decisions. Enter your origin and destination and the tool provides options for driving, riding transit, bicycling, walking, and potential carpool partners for the trip. Find a carpool or bikepool to your workplace at Research Park or any other destination - or perhaps start your own carpool or bikepool. You can even get up-to-the-minute transit routes with all the information you need to get from point A to point B.

TravelWise Homepage

The University of Utah offers several transportation tools through Commuter Services, including: